Eric J. Musch Broker/Owner


Equity & Trust Realty Inc. Broker / Owner

Eric has been in real estate now for over 13 years, serving the very best part of the place he knows and loves so well, The Emerald Gulf Coast of Florida.

Eric began his real estate venture in the art of investing and learned how to exceptionally find beneficial transactions that benefited all parties that were involved. In the near future, as a top builders rep for many years Eric developed the skill and knowledge that led him to believe it was time to start a legacy of his own with one mission in mind, help others with buying / selling/ and property management and build relationships that would last a life time. This very mission is still intact today and is one of the many values that Eric instills in the building of his company. He saw Equity & Trust Realty Inc. as a company that stood out amongst its competitors and always made sure to maintain a strong form of relationship with all those who trusted the company for its professional fiduciary duties.

The brokerage has many of its morals and sense of culture from the ethical professional standards Eric has developed in all his years of service. Eric served 6 years active duty in the Air Force and even worked after his active duty as an aircraft mechanic for another four and a half years. The company has its name “Equity & Trust “; because Eric believes the best part about helping someone as a realtor professional is to develop trust and help them build equitable value in their lives.

Eric has now served on the Navarre Area Board of Realtors for many years as large part of the decision-making progress, cooperation to help local business, and various charitable contributions that has made a very big difference in the local community. Eric’s military priors have set a very noble foundation for the company and all of those who have become a representative of it, and he himself works daily to innovate constantly and deliver the very best customer service as possible.

He is a proud father and husband that works long hours and prides himself on the ability to remain positive and strong, for his family and his community. Eric has become a role model and mentor to many, and is working on building his company Equity & Trust Realty Inc. to compete with many of the household names and real estate giants in the industry that are known as of today

In the military, it was always an objective that was sought out with an exact plan in place.

Not matter the detour, obstacle, or chain of events that were not planned the plan was to remain intact. Eric Musch has this same vision for his company, and according to this Veteran Equity & Trust Realty Inc. is here to stay…..