Mike Mauro Realtor


Equity & Trust Realty Inc. Realtor

My greatest goal in life is to be able to assist others to achieve success and satisfaction in life. I was an educator for 35 years. I began my career in Colorado as a science teacher and then was a counselor at the middle school level for 15 years. I then became the principal of a middle school for the next 10 years and completed my education career as an Associate Superintendent for the school district. Upon retirement I decided to join my wife in the real estate industry. I have been a Realtor in Colorado Springs, Colorado for the last thirteen years and have enjoyed it immensely. It always gives me great personal satisfaction to assist individuals and families with one of the major decisions they must make in life, finding the right home. Recently my wife and I relocated to Navarre, Florida and desire to continue working as it is a great opportunity to meet and assist people. The Navarre area is very similar to Colorado Springs regarding the military bases and the need for adequate housing to accommodate them in the transition as they change cities, countries and assignments. I am a people person and welcome the opportunity to provide my personal attention and effort to assisting others to find the perfect home. I have already met so many wonderful people and look forward to meeting and assisting many more in the future.